About Us

Welcome to OIHL

We are an institute of higher learning promoting humanitarian values and knowledge to serve a post-war community in creative ways thereby responding to contemporary needs in a secular society. We will offer practical and professional training adhering to globally recognized standards by partnering with local and international organizations and create opportunities for personal and social advancement.

Education and formation of the indigenous have been a significant hallmark and an indelible icon in Sri Lanka’s history of missionary involvement since the Oblates set foot on the shores of this paradise island in 1847.

Oblate engagement in this ministry has been at all levels, from primary to University and embraced all kinds of training in technology, academics, mass media, music and even making forays into the sanctums of clergy and religious formation.

As highlighted by the Founder of the Oblates, St. Eugene, “We must lead men to act like human beings, first of all, and then like Christians, and finally we must help them to become saints”, is the very rationale that underscores our efforts in education.

The Oblate Institute of Higher Learning is an attempt to continue and bring to fruition the dream of the Founder, and a response to a crucial need to promote justice, peace and reconciliation in a country wounded by a long internal war.

Numerous genuine attempts have being tried and tested to promote peace. They have reached various levels of success. ‘Non-violent peace zones’ was one of them. The ‘ministry of presence’ was another. Transitional justice, mediated peace negotiations, cease-fires, moaning for the dead and many others have made significant contributions to ‘conflict transformation and peace building’.

‘Conflict’, however, takes various forms in this country. It has its ramifications into caste, creed, ethnicity or race, religion, language and cultural practices. How does an organization or institution address the entire spectrum of issues generated by all aspects of the conflict? This precisely is what the National Reconciliation and Peace Building programme attempts to do through its four major courses.

Academic Council

  • Very Rev. Fr. Irwin Morais OMI (Provincial)
  • Rev. Dr. Oswald B. Firth OMI
  • Rev. Fr. Suranga Gunasekera OMI
  • Rev. Dr. Romesh Lowe OMI
  • Prof. Neloufer de Mel
  • Rev. Fr. Rohan Silva OMI
  • Rev. Dr. Clement Waidyasekara OMI
  • Rev. Fr. Eric Lakman OMI
  • Rev. Dr. Ajith Wellington OMI
  • Prof. Shirley Lal Wijesinghe


  • Rev. Dr. Oswald B. Firth OMI


Academic Secretary

  • Rev. Fr. Eric L. Wasalathanthri OMI



  • Rev. Fr. Jagath Anthony OMI